(Barbados, Grenada, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago)


Heidi Berger – Barbados

Heidi had four years of art instruction with Canadian artist, Karl Kronlachner, and independent studies in Paris, France. Heidi also holds a PhD in German literature from the University of Waterloo. She has exhibited widely in her native Canada, United States and Barbados. Heidi and her family have been returning to Barbados for more than 30 years. She and her husband now divide their time between their homes in Canada and Barbados.


Anthony Bonair – Trinidad & Tobago

Anthony Bonair emigrated from Trinidad, West Indies, to the United States in 1969. He studied photography with Roy DeCarava. He was included in An Illustrated Bio-Bibliography of Black Photographers 1940-88, by Deborah Willis Thomas, published in 1989 by Garland Publishing.

Anthony unfortunately passed away 2 weeks before the debut of CaFA Fair Barbados.


Ras Ishi Butcher – Barbados

Ras Ishi Butcher burst onto the international art scene in 1992when he was selected winner of the Medal D’Orat the Caribbean and Latin American Biennale of Painting, held in Santo Domingo. In 1997, Ras Ishi completed post-graduate studies in fine art at the prestigious University of Superior Studies (ISA), Havana, Cuba. His work has been published and discussed in such publications as “Barbadian Art: What Kind of Mirror Image?” by Allison Thompson et al, “Black Art and Culture in the 20th Century”, by Prof. Richard Powell, and is represented in numerous public and private collections across the Americas, the Caribbean, and Europe.


Alison Chapman-Andrews – Barbados

Born and educated in England at Walthamstow School of Art, and the prestigious Royal College of Art, Alison Chapman-Andrews has become a major contributor to the evolution of Caribbean art since her arrival in Barbados in 1971. A long time educator and prolific creative force, her paintings and drawings have been exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions throughout the Caribbean, Latin America and Europe. Among her many awards was her contribution to the Gold Medal winning Barbados submission at the Caribbean and Latin America Biennial of Painting in Santo Domingo, 1996.


LeRoy Clarke – Trinidad & Tobago

Born in 1938 in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Dr. Clarke has been declared one of Trinidad and Tobago’s National Living Treasured Icons.  Commemoration of his 70th birthday, November 2008, attracted several official national tributes, including a weeklong Seminar on his Life and Art, sponsored by T&T Commission to UNESCO; exhibitions organised by our Central Bank, National Library and by The National Museum and Art Gallery which culminated with his elevation to an Honorary Doctorate Degree of Arts from The University of Trinidad and Tobago. One of the Caribbean’s most celebrated artists, Dr. Clarke will be honored at the inaugural Caribbean Fine Art Fair – Barbados for his contribution to Caribbean art and his consistently superlative creative achievements.


Victor Collector – Barbados

Victor has been painting since the late 1980’s, and specializes in realistic oil and watercolor paintings of seascapes, landscapes, and traditional Barbadian chattel houses. Victor's award winning paintings have been exhibited in the USA at the Hotel Continental, Miami, FL; the OAS Gallery, Washington, DC; as well as the Caribbean's premier arts festival, CARIFESTA V, held in Trinidad and Tobago. His work is frequently exhibited in Barbados' most prominent art galleries and commissioned by discerning collectors from all over the world.


Ras Bongo Congo I – Barbados

Since his conversion to the Rastafari faith in 1978, Ras Bongo Congo I has augmented his early training as a stonemason with a new found consciousness, to become one of the leading sculptors in Barbados today. 1992 saw Ras Bongo join with painter Ras Jahaziel Tafari for the ground- breaking exhibition 'Let My People Go', at Queens Park Gallery, Bridgetown. . He is a multiple Gold Award winner in Barbados’ National Independence Festival of Creative Arts (N1FCA), and his hardwood creations have been exhibited frequently in the United States and Europe.


Neville Kamau Crawford – Barbados

Born in 1956, Kamau is a multitalented artist trained in painting, sculpture, printmaking, and ceramics. He has been exhibited widely in Caribbean, Europe and North America. His work is in the collections of former heads of state from Barbados, Guyana, and Venezuela.


Glen DaCosta – Jamaica

Born in Jamaica. An architect by profession, he is a self trained photographer who has travelled to many countries ‘taking pictures’ as he says. This group of photographs is from Masman Peter Minshall’s seminal work ‘River’ which in 1983 helped to raise consciousness about abuses to the enviroment.


Minna Dunn – Barbados

Minna Dunn was born and raised on Long Island in the household of her parents with their roots in Barbados. She presents three generations of art, antique collecting and appreciation. Minna met master artist Frank Frazier in 1992 and this meeting has turned into an unbelievable art journey. The last 8 years with artist Ernani Silva has provided opportunities to develop an international appreciation for art. The outcome has produced visual works of art using acrylic paint and mixed media collage on paper. Women’s clothing, sisterhood and unity have been the theme often seen in her artwork.


Fondation Sant D’A Jakmel – Haiti

FOSAJ, Fondation Sant D’A Jakmel, was created in 2003, by British–South African artist, Kate Tarratt-Cross and British-Haitian artist, Patrick Boucard. Kate Tarratt-Cross & Patrick Boucard directed the center until 2008. The goal of FOSAJ is to empower people through art and culture. FOSAJ is located in Jacmel, Haiti, a coastal city on the Southern coast of Haiti known for its artistic excellence in painting, literature, music. FOSAJ was very much affected by the January 12, 2010 earthquake.  It’s much dedicated director, Flo McGarrell, was killed during the earthquake together with some of our working partners.The current director is Prince Luc (Luckner Candio), one of the first graduating students from the school of painting.


FotoKonbit – Haiti

At CaFA Fair FotoKonbit will be showing photographs taken by students in Camp Perrin and Port-Au-Prince. These photographs will show a unique view of both the realities of the tent communities in Port-au-Prince and the beauty of rural Haiti through the eyes of Haitians.

FotoKonbit is a team of five; Tatiana Mora-Liautaud, Marie Arago, Noelle Theard, Ralph

Dupoux, and Frederic Dupoux. We are a group of photographers, educators and artists.

We also have two advisors; the renowned photographer Maggie Steber who has worked in

Haiti for twenty-five years and the Haitian author Edwidge Danticat.


Gingerbread Design – Haiti

The art Ms. Liautaud and Gingerbread intend to show at CaFA Fair is a selection of pieces by renowned founder of Haitian sculpture Georges Liautaud whose work is part of the permanent collection of various major museums around the world.  Gingerbread will be presenting a selection of works by Haitian masters such as Wilson Bigoud, as well as works by the St-Soleil Group. There will also be pieces by the most prominent Haitian contemporary sculptors such as: Lionel St-Eloi, Nasson, Guyodo from the Grand’Rue Group and Serge Jolimeau.


Bill Grace – Barbados

Bill is a graduate of Acadia University, with studies at University of Valencia, Nova Scotia College of Art, and Skidmore College. He currently teaches at the Barbados Community College. His work has been featured in “Contemporary Ceramics’ by Susan Peterson, “Art in Barbados” by Cummins, Thompson and Whittle, “Ceramic Monthly” and “Select” magazine. He has illustrated several books and appeared in numerous catalogs. His multi-dimensional creations in coral, stone, glass, and clay have been commissioned by religious institutions, the US Embassy in Barbados, and the Barbados Government as gifts to Heads of State including former President Bill Clinton.


Grupo Alejandro Alfonso – Puerto Rico

Representing painter Carlos Santiago –Puerto Rico

Editor of Arte Latinamericano


Lester Gunther – Jamaica

For more than 40 years, Jamaican-born painter Lester Gunter has translated and transmitted his emotions and experiences through his paintings. He is an award-winning artist – known for his lush landscapes and respected series of nudes. His work has been exhibited in Europe, the Caribbean and across the United States. Lester is being represented by Gallerie St. Charles, NY, and Linda Sutton Jones, Director.


Ras Ilix Heartman – Barbados

Ras Ilix Heartman, wood sculptor and farmer, was born in Barbados in 1958. Before exhibiting his sculpture at the "In The Spirit Festival" Martha's Vineyard, Mass., August 1994, Ras Ilix attended the Third Havana Biennial in Cuba as well as showing at numerous exhibitions in Barbados. Since then his work has been exhibited frequently in the United States and his sculpture Melchizedek was awarded "Best In Show" at the 1997 Black History Month Exhibition held at Hintersteiner Gallery, Washington Heights, NYC. His recent one man show was held to critical acclaim at the Queen’s Park Gallery, Barbados.


Glen Martin – Trinidad & Tobago

Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, and currently living in New York City, Glen Martin is s multitalented artist that works in a variety of mediums including figurative painting, illustration and crafts. Early recognition of his talent won him a full scholarship to prestigious Pratt Institute where he earned his degree in painting and illustration. His paintings have continued to be exhibited and collected in North America and Trinidad & Tobago.


Philip Moore – Guyana

Philip Moore was born in 1921 in the Corentyne region of Guyana. Honored regionally and internationally for both his painting and sculpture, his seminal work has to be the controversial 1763 Monument, unveiled May 23, 1976, to mark Guyana’s 10th year of Independence.


Omowale Morgan – Trinidad & Tobago

Born in Aruba but grew up in Trinidad & Tobago. He was trained in digital photography but was also involved in fine art photography. The work in this exhibition showcases the syncretism which exists throughout the region whether it is the Shango Baptists of Trinidad & Tobago as shown, or Vodoun in Haiti or Pocomania in Jamaica.


Carlton Murrell – Barbados

He began his painting career at 18, inspired by the landscape of his native Barbados, eventually immigrating to the capital city of art – New York City.  While there, Murrell was awarded a scholarship to pursue additional advanced studies at the Art Students League.  He later attended the Pan American School of Fine Art and Pel’s School of Commercial Art and Illustration. He has exhibited museums, educational institutions, as well as numerous galleries throughout the United States. His works hang in permanent collections of Carver Federal Savings Bank, the Copper Corporation of Chile, South America, Howard University, The Central Bank of Barbados, among others. Mr. Murrell has to his credit received numerous awards, prizes and citations


Marcel Pinas – Suriname

Born in Suriname, South America, Marcel attended the Edna Manley School for the Arts in Jamaica, West Indies. He is a member of the Ndjukas, a group of Maroons who never surrendered to colonial powers. The work in this exhibition is about past experiences. It deals with the destruction of the Ndjuka culture.


Ras Akyem I Ramsay – Barbados

A graduate of the Edna Manley School of Art in Jamaica Ras Akyem I is a veteran of exhibitions throughout the Caribbean, Latin America, England, and the U.S. In 1996 Ras Akyem's paintings won the Gold Medal at the Third Biennial of Caribbean and Latin American Painting, held in Santo Domingo, and was part of the collective submission by Barbadian artists which won the Country Gold Medal. During 1995-1997 Ras Akyem successfully completed postgraduate studies at the University of Superior Arts (ISA), Cuba's prestigious art academy. His work has been published and discussed in such publications as “Barbadian Art: What Kind of Mirror Image?” and “Caribbean Art”, by Veerle Poupeye. In 1998 he was awarded the Barbados Service Star in that year’s Barbados Independence Honors.


Barbara Russell – Jamaica

Barbara Russell is an emerging American born female artist with Jamaican grandparents. Her work similarity remix may suggest the work of other abstract painters such as cobra painter Asker Jorn, Mark Tobey, or that of Fernand Leger or Raoul Dufy. Barbara’s work has been shown at several Harlem galleries’ group shows as well as a solo exhibition at Bermuda Masterworks Museum having much success.


Dennis Samuel – Grenada

A self taught artist, Dennis Samuel was born in Grenada, West Indies. He now lives in New Jersey and works in New York. He has exhibited in the Caribbean, USA and Europe. His work is owned by collectors from all over the world.


Leandro Soto – Cuba (Diaspora)

Leandro Soto is a multidisciplinary visual/installation and performance artist who has been internationally involved with the arts for the past thirty two years. Soto was one of the leading figures of the influential “Volumen Uno”, an artistic movement that changed the course of Cuban Art in the decade of the 1980’s, in which he was the first artist in his generation to work with the Afro-Cuban heritage. Soto has participated in more than 162 group exhibitions and 91 solo art shows in museums, art galleries, and alternative art spaces worldwide. His art is in the permanent collections of important museums and educational institutions including: National Museum of Fine Arts in Havana; Cienfuegos Art Museum, Cuba; Lowes Museum; MOCA Florida; and in the Cuban Heritage Collection of the University of Miami..


Alfred Weekes - Barbados

Born in 1949 Alfred Weekes has been creating wire sculptures since the mid 1970’s. His work has been exhibited widely throughout the Caribbean and North America. In 1993 Mr. Weekes was judged BEST IN SHOW at the 1993 Manchester Art Association Show in Manchester, CT. Mr. Weekes' first one-man exhibition, “In Person", consisting entirely of colorful relief sculptures, was held to critical acclaimatBrooklyn Moon Café, NYC, August 1998. This new direction has continued to evolve and his sculpture has become almost painterly in rendition. Mr. Weekes’ work is held in private collections throughout the Caribbean, Europe, and USA.